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BioVolume 3D tumour model

Here you will find all of our scientific research, posters and latest news. Keep up to date as we continue to develop the BioVolume platform and publish research adding to the oncology communities understanding of pre-clinical efficacy.


Trends in Subcutaneous Tumour Height and Impact on Measurement Accuracy

5/2/23, 1:59 PM

When tracking tumour growth over time, important morphological information and measurement accuracy is lost by ignoring height.


4/27/20, 1:41 PM

A Publication on an innovative non-invasive technique for subcutaneous tumour measurements

Comparing Variability in Measurement of Subcutaneous Tumors in Mice Using 3D Thermal Imaging and Calipers

1/4/23, 11:44 AM

Download our publication in JAALAS Comparative Medicine investigating how variability can be reduced in the measurement of Subcutaneous Tumors in Mice when using 3D Thermal Imaging

In Silico Modeling Demonstrates that User Variability During Tumor Measurement Can Affect In Vivo Efficacy Outcomes

12/6/22, 11:44 AM

User measurement bias is a source of variation in preclinical studies. We investigated if variability could impact outcomes, using false negative result rate when comparing treated and control groups.



Modelling the cost impact of creating greater preclinical reproducibility through digitization

11/14/22, 11:58 AM

Poster presented at AALAS 2022 exploring how digitizing preclinical processes within efficacy testing, has the potential to reduce the cost of drug development by $39 million.

Optimising Measurement Of Subcutaneous Rodent Leg Tumours

3/25/22, 1:51 PM

Our work with HZDR found measurement variability of rodent leg tumours can be decreased by inoculating tumour high up in the shoulder, and by using BioVolume instead of callipers.

Improving reproducibility through data traceability with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

3/9/21, 9:27 AM

Data traceability and its contribution to study reproducibility a poster in partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Measurement of subcutaneous tumor height achieves greater volumetric accuracy

11/14/22, 11:58 AM

Poster presented at AALAS 2022 highlighting the need to capture tumor height for more accurate volumes.

Using calibrated photographic images and thermal data to investigate trends in tumour conditions

10/11/21, 10:34 AM

A poster analysing how structured image and thermal data can be used to identify trends in tumour condition in both the days leading up to, and the days following the point of ulceration.

Reducing inter-operator variability poster with GNF

11/16/20, 9:58 AM

A poster publication in partnership with GNF exploring how BioVolume can reduce inter-operator variability in measuring subcutaneous tumours

Re-evaluating historic preclinical endpoints with BioVolume

6/24/22, 8:10 AM

With previous experimental methods built around the limitations of calliper acquisition, we provide a method to align historical endpoints with the BioVolume platform.

A comparison of tumour volume accuracy taken with Callipers and BioVolume when compared to excised tumour weights

10/11/21, 10:19 AM

A poster exploring how using a BioVolume captured height measurement offers an average volume 8 times closer to the excised weight measurements than callipers.


Whitepaper: Modelling the economic impact of improving preclinical reproducibility with BioVolume

12/16/22, 11:00 AM

This report demonstrates how adopting BioVolume could save up to $38m in the drug development cycle, utilising the economic model created by Paul et al in their 2010 analysis.

Can digital innovation solve the reproducibility crisis?

12/16/22, 11:00 AM

Recent analysis has reported irreproducibility rates in pre-clinical research to range from 51%-89%.


Champions Oncology announces a multi-year deal with BioVolume

8/2/23, 9:29 AM

Champions Oncology announced an agreement to adopt BioVolume's leading 3D imaging and thermal technology as their primary means of capturing efficacy results.

BioVolume Feature Updates August 2022

8/5/22, 7:09 AM

The releases and updates made this year and a quick look at what’s to come in a major release this August.

TransCure bioServices offers BioVolume 3D imaging for insightful preclinical oncology research

2/6/23, 4:07 PM

Read the BioPharma article where Dr Sébastien Tabruyn, General Manager and Chief Scientific Officer, TransCure bioServices discusses why they are now offering BioVolume to their clients.

Creating the digital lab of the future

4/1/21, 1:19 PM

BioVolume is now integrated with the Somark Sensalab benchtop reader for a fully automated identification and capture process

BioVolume Feature Updates September 2022

9/9/22, 11:29 AM

Info on our major release. New features include tumour condition area, multi-site measurement and a new randomisation tool.

BioVolume 2020 webinars

1/14/21, 12:07 PM

Video content of all BioVolume content presented at the 2020 AALAS conference

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